The story of Atelier Rebul starts back in 1895 in Pera, in the heart of Istanbul. 

Young French pharmacist Jean Cesar Rebul opened the first pharmacy in Istanbul called Grande Pharmacie Parisienne and planted the seeds of a legend. After he partnered with Kemal Müderrisoğlu, one of the first pharmacists of Turkey, their chemistry took Istanbul under its spell. 

Their creation, a signature Lavender cologne called Rebul Lavanda, had become the passion of the elite gentlemen of Istanbul. 

The small experiments at the pharmacy’s laboratory continued after the creation of the famous lavender cologne. As the pharmacy began to produce soap, shampoo, face and body creams, it gradually transformed into a cosmetics atelier. 

Today a leading brand, Atelier Rebul continues to develop and offer a variety of cosmetic products for personal and home use. 

Drawing on more than a century old experience and legacy, Atelier Rebul takes care of our modern day needs with the passion and excitement of its first day. Bringing science and nature together, Atelier Rebul endeavors to introduce products made of the finest naturally derived, traceable ingredients. 

The stores of Atelier Rebul and its legend continue to grow, by remembering its founder’s Jean Cesar Rebul’s message; “Quality and trust are my most important legacy.”