Reed Diffusers

My Home collection’s exclusive stars are Flowers Fusion, Vanilla Noir, Tobacco Leaves, Hemp Leaves and Saffron Oud. Reed diffusers and candles, presented in five different fragrances will unlock your nest’s doors to the unexplored lands. 

While Flower Fusion walks you through a flower mélange with the impression of musk, Saffron Oud takes you to a journey of spicy flavor of cinnamon, saffron, and sandalwood with the reference of oud. Tobacco Leaves accompanies you at home with a slight smell of fine tobacco and bitter patchouli with a hint of vanilla. Vanilla Noir will call the strong vanilla with a touch of silky jasmine to your home. Hemp leaves scent is a synthesis of delicate Incense and oud blend with typical notes of Hemp Leaves combined with Resins, Coffee, Tobacco, and Precious Woods. 

New exclusive home collection providing a feeling of well-being is ready to welcome your guests with unforgettable scents and elegant packaging. 

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