Caress your emotions with delicate jasmine! Jasmine is the most feminine and perfect of all scents with its fragile notes. Jasmine originated from the East and reached Europe through Spain. In India it symbolizes “good hope” while in China stands for ultimate femi- ninity. Jasmine, which is known as a scent of love in all cultures, is the most exotic and perfect of all scents with its delicate and fragile notes. A delicate and fem- inine scent of jasmine flowers, combined with a blend of fruity and woody notes, gives a uniquely refreshing fragrance. 

My Spa Rose Collection, with the fresh and charming scent of world-famous Turkish roses, makes you re- discover love again. Rose is an indispensable flower for the ones who seek beautiful smell. Indeed, in ancient times the rose gardens are at least as important as the wheat fields and orchards for the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans. Take the velvety feel of rose, which tells about love for centuries, to your skin by rose products. Let this rich floral festival spread throughout your body. 

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