Lemongrass & Honey

Atelier Rebul Lemongrass & Honey Collection com- bines the vigor of lemongrass and harmony of honey in fragrant memories from Thailand. Cultivated in Tropical Asia, lemongrass is known as an indispensable reme- dy in many areas. It is commonly used in pharmacy as therapeutic substance and in aromatherapy as muscle relaxant. Combination of refreshing and curative fresh lemongrass with pure sweet honey soothes and gives happiness. In top notes of the collection, refreshing ef- fect of lemongrass, lime, mandarine, and grapefruit re- vitalizes the body. In the middle notes, delicate jasmine is blended with the scent of white flowers to awaken a strong feeling. In the base notes, sweet honey, vanilla and praline leave an impressive mark with the scent of hot musk and sandalwood. 

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