Beauty brand Atelier Rebul has developed a new signature fragrance inspired by the ingredients used in Rebul Pharmacy since its opening in 1895. Drawing inspira- tion from prescriptions and formulas which have been stored in archives for over a century, the 1895 Collection focuses on the healing properties of plants and fruits. This signature collection consists of six products: eau de parfum, eau de cologne, shower gel, liquid soap, hand & body lotion and reed diffuser. 

The 1895 fragrance has top notes of mandarine, berga- mot and lemon, giving a light and refreshing first impres- sion. Bergamot, with its clean and refreshing citrus fra- grance, is an effective antidote against stress and anxiety. In the heart notes, you will find an uplifting mix of carda- mom, rhubarb and neroli. The peppery and citrus scent of cardamom relaxes your body, and is combined with the fruity and fresh scents of rhubarb and neroli. The base notes are composed of oakmoss, vetiver and cedarwood, which give a calming scent that can alleviate stress and anxiety. The result of this blend of healing natural ingredi- ents is a unique fragrance that provides a spiritual lift. 

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