Pera, recently known as Beyoğlu, is one of the most important districts in Istanbul where culture, art, fashion, grace and finally East and West meets since the middle ages. Also Atelier Rebul’s story begins in Grande Rue de Pera in 1895. 

The famous cologne collection becomes a legend for Pera gentlemen and it was immensely liked.
Atelier Rebul Pera Collection was designed as a compliment to Pera. The rich spices in the heart of the collection will appeal your senses. Rose, patchouli and pure amber notes fools the senses and reveals a stunning experience. 

Prepare to witness the mysterical rendez-vous of where East meets West in the narrow streets of Pera. It always embraces an endless number of scents, tastes, and textures and at the same time renews itself and never loses its elegance. 

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